About Us

In the past decades, video gaming has gone from something that was looked down upon as something for kids or “nerds”, to something that is so prevalent in our daily lives. It’s no surprise then that videogames went from focusing on sheer fantasy to presenting scenarios that draw their inspirations from reality as well.

As such, games have also become a source of lessons we can apply to in our daily lives, whether intentionally or not. Through video games, we can pick up lessons on life, love, economics, and even science and psychology! But not everybody has time to play all the games that these lessons can be learned right? Well, that’s what we at Young Justice Legacy are here for!

Whether it’s presenting life lessons or advise from unlikely gaming sources, or giving you deeper insight into some of your favorite games by helping you see how they can improve your daily life, we’re here for you!

In addition, we also present articles on how you can improve your gaming lifestyle, how to find that balance between gaming and real life, and more! If there’s a particular gaming lifestyle issue you’d like our team of writers to address, or you think we need to expound on more, check out our contact page on how to reach us!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, whether you’re a gamer or not!