Advertise With Us

In any MMORPG, the best way to secure sales is to advertise where you know people will buy rather than spend time and effort going around advertising. The same can be said of modern advertising. Rather than focusing funds and effort competing for spots on TV or print, it can be more beneficial to advertise on sites where you know your target audience is going to be.

Our page’s demographic makes up one of the most interesting demographics currently around: gamers. Studies have shown that a bulk of the gamers who make up the demographic have decent purchasing power, a wide range of interests and needs, and a prolific social media presence. All good attributes for potential customers as they are likely to have interest in your product, have funds that can go towards it, and can provide additional advertising through word of mouth.

Interested parties can contact us via the email address or phone number listed on our “Contact Us” page. We offer banner ads on our home page and blog posts. We’re also open to publishing sponsored content. For advertisers that don’t have ads that fit the banner spaces, we have an in-house web dev team who can adjust your ads to fit, at no extra cost to you!

We hope to hear from you soon!