Investing In Your Future: Why A Profession Matters

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, I thought, “Why bother with a profession? It’s not like I’m playing this game to be a blacksmith or a jeweler. I’m in it to kill monsters and get loot!” Well, not even a week later, I was working hard at leveling my profession levels because I learned that professions are one of the most important aspects of the game.

MMORPG professions won’t necessarily help you kill end-game bosses or win at the PvP arenas all the time, but they help in other ways. I also realized that the way they help you also apply to real life. Here’s how:

Specialization makes you special

In the MMOs, specialization means that if you want to focus on killing monsters, you don’t need to spend hours harvesting herbs then making them into potions. Conversely, if you decide to include skinning hides off the monsters you kill and fashioning them into leather armor and the like, people will go to you for their leather needs.

This is the same in the real world. The reason that us bloggers can provide you with witty, informative content is because as specialists, we can focus on research and writing without having to worry about brewing double-espressos to fuel the creativity. Specialization lets us focus on what we want to do with our lives.

No profession usually means no gold

People who are new to MMOs usually think a bulk of income comes from selling loot drops to vendors. While this may be true for the early game, when you hit late game, you aren’t going to be making nearly enough gold from looting mobs to afford that extensive mount collection. All the big money comes from professions.

Most stuff you can sell for a lot comes from either selling crafted items to people who would rather hunt and forage than sit around crafting, or selling crafting materials to people who would rather craft than hunt. In the real world, the same pretty much applies. Without a solid profession, you can probably make some money through temp work, but only by honing your skills as a professional will your income increase.

What are your in-game and real life professions? Did you pick them because of the income or because they work well with your lifestly?



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