Real Name: Dick Grayson
Species: Human
Designation: B-01
Dick was raised in a family of acrobats called the Flying Graysons. When his parents were killed in an “accident” by mobster Boss Zucco, Dick became Batman’s protege and sidekick. He is pragmatic, responsible, and driven, and is a founding member of the Team. A natural tactical thinker, Dick is reliable in unpredictable situations and is often thought of as the “detective” of the Team. He is also the resident technical guru.


Real Name: Conner Kent
Species: Kryptonian-Human Hybrid Clone
Designation: B-04
Conner Kent is a genomorph, a hybrid clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, and a founding member of the Team. Though he has amazing abilities, he will never gain all the powers of Superman. Conner is often defiant, rash, and overconfident, but is a loyal friend. Because of a combination of his mixed genetic heritage and the way he was force-grown, he does not visibly age.

Miss Martian

Real Name: M’gann M’orzz
Species: Martian
Designation: B-05
M’gann, also known as Megan Morse, is a White Martian and the niece of Martian Manhunter. As a girl, she stowed away on Martian Manhunter’s ship from Mars to Earth, and later became his protege. A “senior” on the Team, she has become adept at most of her Martian powers, and as a shape-shfiter, chooses to remain in humanoid form as a young adult with red hair and green skin.


Real Name: Kaldur’ahm
Species: Atlantean
Designation: B-02

Kaldur’ahm is the protégé of Aquaman, and the leader of the Team. Born in Atlantis, he tries to see the good in all people, and often acts as the voice of reason. Like any young person, he has an impulsive side as well, and will stretch the rules if it means saving a friend. His back and arms are covered in eel-like tattoos, which glow when he uses his powers.

Kid Flash

Real Name: Wally West
Species: Human
Designation: B-03
Wally is the nephew of Barry Allen (Flash), and like his uncle, is a speedster. He gained his super-human speed when he attempted to replicate the experiment that gave his uncle his powers. He is the Team’s resident science whiz and can always be counted on for a laugh. He is currently going to college in California and is dating Artemis Crock.


Real Name: Artemis Crock
Species: Human
Designation: B-07
Artemis, born and raised in Gotham City, is a young hero with a checkered past. A master archer, she claimed to be the niece and protégé of Green Arrow when she was first introduced to the Team. Her father, Sportsmaster, raised her to become a supervillain, but after her mother was crippled and imprisoned after one of Sportsmaster’s crime jobs, Artemis decided to use her abilities for good instead of evil. Artemis is passionate and opinionated, but has a quick temper. She is currently in a relationship with Wally West.


Real Name: Zatanna Zatara
Species: Human
Designation: B-08

Zatanna once lived in New York City with her father, Giovanni Zatara, a magician in the Justice League. She is compassionate and trusting, but has a mischievous streak. During a crisis years earlier, Zatanna donned the Helmet of Fate, which holds the spirit of Nabu, a Lord of Order, and allows the wearer to become Doctor Fate. When Nabu refused to free her from his possession, Zatara convinced Nabu to take him instead, becoming Nabu’s prisoner. Zatanna has never lived down feeling responsible for her father’s entrapment.


Real Name: Garth
Species: Atlantean
Designation: B-10

As a child, Garth was a student at the Conservatory of Sorcery alongside Kaldur’ahm. When Ocean-Master attacked Poseidonis and bested Aquaman, it was Garth and Kaldur who came to the King’s rescue, distracting Ocean-Master long enough for Aquaman to recover and defeat him. Impressed with their bravery, Aquaman offered both boys the chance to be his protege. Kaldur accepted and became Aqualad, but Garth opted to continue his studies at the Conservatory, and later started a relationship with Aqualad’s crush, Tula (Aquagirl).

Beast Boy

Real Name: Garfield Logan
Species: Human
Designation: B-19

Logan spent most of his childhood in Qurac, where he lived with his mother at an animal sanctuary. When he was gravely injured in a drone attack, he was given a blood transfusion by Miss Martian, gaining her ability to shapeshift. Logan loves animals, but worships heroes, and considers Miss Martian his “blood sister”. Following in the footsteps of Kid Flash, he has taken up the hobby of collecting souvenirs from each mission.


Real Name: Tim Drake
Species: Human
Designation: B-20

Though he lacks confidence, Tim is a natural leader. Given his “freshman” position in the Team, he is determined to prove himself. He filled the role as Batman’s protege after Dick Grayson became Nightwing and after the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd. His favorite weapon is a collapsible bo staff with a taser function.


Real Name: Raquel Ervin
Species: Human
Designation: B-09

Before joining the Team, Raquel convinced Icon to become a super-hero and became his protege Rocket. She always looked up to the young sidekicks, which kept her inspired as she protected her hometown of Dakota City.


Real Name: Barbara Gordon
Species: Human
Designation: B-16

Barbara is the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon. She has been friends with Dick Grayson since their early teens and loves to push his buttons. As another protege of Batman’s, she is not afraid to take on a leadership role, but also has a playful side.